S3 Immunisation Programme and Immunisation Catch-up

On Monday, March 5th, the community nursing team are due to visit Johnstone High School to administer immunisations to all S3 pupils and to catch up on various immunisations for individual pupils in other year groups that have been missed on previous occasions. Unsurprisingly, our preparations for Monday have been hampered by the severe weather and school closures and, as such, there is likely to be disruption to S3 classes on Monday as we get pupils to where they need to be at the right times.  

S3 Pupils should report to the library at the following times:

 10:45am – 3Iona1

11:05am – 3Mull1

11:30am – 3Skye1

11:55am – 3Iona2

12:25pm – 3Mull2

2:00pm – 3Arran2


In order to make the process as efficient as possible, the nursing team have asked that pupils, where possible:

  • wear a short-sleeved shirt under their jumper
  • ensure they have eaten breakfast and bring a biscuit or sweet snack for after the injection
  • arrive on time and do not bring mobile phones with them to the library
  • return their letter of consent to the office prior to their time slot (immunisations will not be administered to pupils that have not returned their forms) 



Thank you,

Mr R Miller

Depute Head Teacher


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