School Handbook

https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/school-handbook-2020-21/ Read More

Pupil Bulletin – 26/11/19

https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/25-november-pupil-bulletin/ Read More

Prelim Information Booklet

This booklet provides a clear overview to the topic areas covered by each subject in the forthcoming prelim exams. This is in addition to information already provided by class teachers.… Read More


The Prelim timetable is now available. Prelims commence on the 29th November 2019. Please see the link below for a copy of the prelim timetable which will be issued to… Read More

Renfrewshire Council – Educational Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report

Attached are the standards and quality education report and education improvement plan for Renfrewshire Council for this session. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/renfrewshires-education-standards-and-quality-report-sep-2019/ https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/renfrewshire-education-improvement-plan-19-20/ Read More

PUPIL BULLETIN 23rd September 2019

1. Eco Club The Eco-Club will start on Monday the 23rd at lunch time in Miss Semple‚Äôs room (ss5) 2. Music Monday Lunchtime - Percussion Group - S1-S6 - Mrs… Read More

Tracking and Reporting Schedule 2019-2020

The tracking and reporting schedule for all year groups is now available using the link below. Ms Cole https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/tracking-overview-2019-2/ http://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Tracking-overview-2019-1.docx Read More

Assignment Calendar 2019-2020

Please see the link below to our Senior Phase 'Assignment and Coursework Calendar' for 2019-2020. Individual tasks will be explained in more detail by class teachers. Ms Cole https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/assignment-timetable-2019-2020-pupils/ Read More

PIE Census

Below is an attached letter that explains the purpose of the National Parental Involvement and Engagement (PIE) census that will be sent to parents and carers across Scotland. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/secondary-parents-pie-census-2/ Read More

Authority ASN Review

Below is the link to details regrding the Authority ASn review. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/asn-review-mainstream-asn-parent-invite/ Read More

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