PIE Census

Below is an attached letter that explains the purpose of the National Parental Involvement and Engagement (PIE) census that will be sent to parents and carers across Scotland. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/secondary-parents-pie-census-2/ Read More

Authority ASN Review

Below is the link to details regrding the Authority ASn review. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/asn-review-mainstream-asn-parent-invite/ Read More

Police Scotland talks 11th June 2019 – please see parental letter attached.

https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/police-talks-letter/ Read More

Parent Council Meeting May 2019

Please find attached the minutes from the meeting in February 2018, alongside the HT report for the May 2019 meeting. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/jhs-pc-minutes-25th-feb-2019/ https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/agenda-parent-council-meeting-may-2019/ https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/chairperson-report-may-19/ https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/parent-council-ht-report-may-19-agm/ Read More


S2 pupils were issued with tracking reports during periods 2 and 3 today. Please look out for these in school bags. Any pupil that was not in school to receive… Read More

Parent Council Meeting February 2019

Please find attached the minutes from the meeting in November 2018, alongside the HT report for the February 2019 meeting. https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/parent-council-minutes-november-2018/ https://www.johnstonehigh.co.uk/parent-council-ht-report-feb-19/ Read More

SQA Examination Timetable

Last week pupils were issued with a personalised exam timetable showing the date, time and their seat number for each exam they have been entered for. Seat numbers and candidate… Read More

Masterclass Timetable

The SQA Exam diet begins on the 25th April 2019. In order to support pupils with their preparations a number of master classes will be running in the lead up… Read More

Our phone number has changed!

Our new phone number is 0300 300 1331. Website and letterhead changes to follow... Read More

Advice from Police Scotland

Parent Guardian letter from Police scotland   Please find attached a letter from Police Scotland advising students and young people about the risks of giving out their bank details, and… Read More

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