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Parent Stuff

All you wanted to know about the school but were afraid to ask. Covers everything from school holidays, through what to do about absence, to what to wear and who to see.

All About Subjects
Subject Stuff

Explore the subjects taught at School. Find out what qualifications are available, what's involved in each subject at all their different levels.

Pupil Work
Pupil Stuff

We're proud of the work produced by the pupils. This section shows off some of their work. It is also the home of the Pupil Councils where pupils can help contribute ideas, opinions and contribute to the running of the school. Check it out.


Discover what everyone has been up-to. Find out what's happened, about upcoming events and who's done what.

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Safe Community

Our aim at Johnstone High School is to provide a safe learning community where everyone can feel valued and supported.



We want our pupils to be motivated, challenged, happy and achieving their full potential. We want them to be successful learners and effective contributors together with being responsible citizens and confident individuals.


Work in Partnership

We recognise that pupils make best progress when they work in partnership with their teacher, getting involved in planning and charting their own progress.


High Standards

We believe getting the best from pupils depends on engaging their interest . All our teachers are comitted to delivering high quality and innovative lessons.


Parent Power

Parents are valued partners in supporting their children's learning. We also want them to play a part in the development of the school's educational provision.


Charity Work


We think that fund raising for charities is a valuable part of every child's education. The pupils at Johnstone High School support a wide range of charities. Some of them are local, perhaps born out of personal experience, others are national and international depending on what's happening in the world.

News Letter
Helping Others

We believe that fund raising and charity work provide pupils with a valuable opportunity to be part of the local community as a whole and demonstrates a commitment to others less fortunate than themselves.

News Letter
Fund Raising Activities

Pupils participate in a whole range of activities. Some are involved in national events like Children in Need or Red Nose Day. Other activities can include 'non-uniform' days where pupils pay a fine for not wearing uniform to school. Other activities might include selling items they make or bake.

School Publications

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School Plan
School Improvement Plan

Discover the school's priorities and our plans for continued improvement and development of the school.

School Handbook
School Handbook

Contains all the small print about who does what to whom etc. Essential reading to discover the most up-to date detail.

News Letter
News Letter

Read all about the recent happenings in school. Discover what's happening next.

Easter School
Extra Curricular Programme

Contains a list of all the schools' extra curricular activities as of December 2015.

Easter Study Programme
Easter Study Programme

Find out what extra exam preparation classes are available and download the Easter Study programme.

Exam Timetable
Exam Timetable 2016

Make sure your prepare properly and turn up on time for the right exam. download your own copy of the SQA Exam timetable

Associated Primaries

Johnstone High School is closely linked to nearby Primary Schools. The school also welcomes pupils from outside the immediate catchment area.

School Information
Auchenlodment Primary School

Aspen Place, Johnstone PA5 9QQ Phone: 01505 321464
Email: Auchenlodment Enquiries

All About Subjects
Cochrane Castle Primary School

West Johnstone Shared Campus, Beith Road, Johnstone PA5 0BB Phone: 01505 320618
Email: Cochrane Castle Enquiries

Pupil Work
Fordbank Primary School

Teviot Terrace, Johnstone PA5 0NP Phone: 01505 702153
Email: Fordbank Enquiries

school news
Howwood Primary School

Semple View, Howwood PA9 1BT Phone: 01505 702518
Email: Howwood Enquiries

School Information
Kilbarchan Primary School

Meadside Avenue, Kilbarchan PA10 2LA Phone:01505 702524

All About Subjects
Lochwinnoch Primary School

Calder Street, Lochwinnoch PA12 Phone: 01505 842583

Pupil Work
Thorn Primary School

Thorn Brae, Johnstone PA5 8HE Phone: 01505 331423


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At Johnstone we always strive to provide a high quality service. In the event that any pupil or parent is unhappy we want to resolve the matter as soon as possible. To help, click the icon below to download to receive a copy of Johnstone's Complaints Policy and form.

We assure you that All concerns and complaints are taken seriously and dealt with as a matter of urgency