Staff List 20/21

Teaching Staff 2020/21


Mrs Hollywood HT (Modern Studies / Learning and Behaviour Support)

Mr Munro DHT (Chemistry / Computing)

Miss Cole DHT (Biology)

Mr Menzies DHT (PE)

Mrs O’Malley DHT (Maths)

Mrs Dick (Education Support Manager)

Pastoral Support

Miss Wilkie – S5/6 (Modern Languages)

Miss Wilson – Mull (English)

Mr Rainey – Arran (Modern Studies)

Mr Kennedy (Acting) – Skye (Computing)

Mrs Butler-Robson – Iona (RE)

Art Dept                                                        

Mr Sheppard (PT)

Mrs McAlinden

Mr McGregor

Mrs McHendry

Business & Computing Faculty

Mr McGivern (PT)

Mrs Moffat

Mrs McVey

Mr Brooks

Miss Vernal


English & Modern Languages Faculty

English Dept                                                            

Miss Gribben (Acting PT)

Ms Wilson (PTPS)

Mrs Russell

Miss McFadden

Miss Pinkerton

Miss Hamilton

Mr Bryce

Modern Languages Dept

Miss Wilkie (PTPS)

Mrs Kilgour

Mrs Ferguson

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Wisely

Health & Wellbeing Faculty

PE Dept

Mr Merriman (Faculty Head)

Mr Menzies (DHT)

Mr Stevenson

Mrs Wightman (part time)

Miss McIntosh

Mrs Smith

Mr Lochhead (NQT)

Home Economics Dept                                                                                          

Miss Purves

Mrs Barry (part time)

Mrs Carlin (part time)

Learning and Behaviour Support                                                

Mrs Smith (PT)

Miss Brown (Acting PT Nurture)


Mrs Colford (PT)

Mrs O’Malley (Acting DHT)

Mr Dickie

Mr Edgar

Mr Shepherd

Mrs McKay

Miss McLaughlin

Mr McDonald

Music Department                                                                         

Mrs Davidson (PT)

Miss McPherson

Miss Keenan


Miss Smith

Science Faculty                                                                   

Biology Dept

Miss Cole (Acting DHT)

Mrs Irving                                                                   

Miss Badger

Miss Wilson (NQT)

Miss McIntyre (NQT)

Chemistry Dept

Mr Munro (DHT)

Dr Costello

Miss Wilson

Mrs Steven (part time)

Physics Dept

Mr McKenzie (Acting PT)

Mr Glen

Mr Fulton

Social Subjects Faculty

Geography Dept                                                                  

Mr Gilmour (Acting PT Attainment)

Miss Semple

History Dept

Mrs Robertson (PT)

Miss Montgomery

Miss McGinley

Modern Studies Dept

Mr Rainey (PTPS)

Miss McCormack

Miss Dawson

Technical Department

Miss Smith (PT)

Mr Johnston

Mr McGurk

Mr Brown (Acting PTPS)


Other staff in the school



Mrs Duffy                               Service Delivery Officer

Mrs MacDonald                    Team Leader

Mrs Russell                            Office Manager

Mrs Laurence                        Clerical Assistant

Mrs Bennion                         Clerical Assistant

Mrs Wiggins                          Clerical Assistant

Mrs Garrity                            Clerical Assistant (job share)

Ms Grieves                             Clerical Assistant (job share)



Mr Cameron                           Senior Janitor

Mr Lambie                              Janitor

Miss Williamson                    Janitor/Cleaner


 Classroom Assistants

Mrs Woods

Mrs Prescott

Mr Cameron

Mrs De Stefano

Additional Support Needs Assistants

Mrs Arthur

Mrs Hamilton


Mr Thorburn

Mr Mills

Science Technicians

Mrs McNish

Mrs McColl

ICT Technician

Mr Lowe


Mr Kerr

Mrs Kane

Cook In Charge

Ms O’Donnell

Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs Rae

Active Schools Co-ordinator

Mr Johnston

Home Link Worker

Mrs Badger                                                     Home Link Worker

Mrs Hammerton                                           Home Link Assistant

Mrs McCallum                                               Inclusion Support Assistant

Mrs Neary                                                       Home Link Employability


Skills Development Scotland

Charlene Young

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