S5/6 Prelims

Our Higher and Advanced Higher pupils will be sitting their prelims over the next two weeks. So I wanted to issue a few important reminders:

Due to COVID restrictions we are not allowed to hand out stationary so please can ALL pupils come to their exams with all the equipment they will need for each exam (pens, ruler, calculator, highlighters etc).

Seating plans will be displayed outside the exam hall/ PE classrooms/Dance Studio, please make sure you check your seat number and sit in the appropriate seat- this is particularly important this year with COVID.

Pupils should be in class if they are not in an exam.

If am exam starts during lesson time pupils should excuse themselves 15mins before the start of the exam to allow time to fill up water bottles, have a snack, use the toilet etc.

Pupils should arrive at their exam location no later than 5 minutes before the start time.

No mobile phones or bags will be allowed in the exam hall- there will be a separate room to store these in.

If you have any questions please just ask, the link to the timetable is below should you need it.

Good luck everyone!

Ms Cole


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